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  • April

    The birthstone for April is either Diamond, which represents everlasting love and courage or Crystal - a gemstone for enhancing relationships.

  • August

    The birthstone for August is either Peridot, which represents hope and happiness, or Jade – a gemstone for enhancing good fortune.

  • Autumn Jewels

    Embrace those rich Autumnal tones of russet, cranberry, moss green and ochres.  Liven up your wardrobe with new accessories – a statement necklace, a simple pendant or a new bracelet can freshen up your look at minimum cost!

  • Autumn Pearls

    Embrace those rich Autumnal tones of russet, cranberry, moss green and ochres.  Liven up your wardrobe with new accessories – a statement necklace, a simple pendant or a new bracelet can freshen up your look at minimum cost!

  • Bespoke Pearls

    Bespoke Pearl Service


    Pearls look beautiful on everyone and they’re still as much in fashion today as they always have been. The styles, colours and shapes change over the years, but women of all ages still adore pearls for their timeless appeal.  However, if it can be difficult to find the perfect length to complement an outfit or neckline – ‘just a little longer’, ‘just a bit shorter’ and it would be perfect! And then it may not be the colour, shape or size of pearl you’d prefer...


    Our Bespoke Pearl Service offers you the opportunity for a custom designed pearl necklace to your own design.  Our expert team will help you decide on shape, colour, length and clasp, and provide you with a quotation.  Once your happy, you can sit back whilst our experienced pearl stringer makes your very own pearl necklace.  


    • Firstly choose your colour and clasp type...

    • Choose the shape of the pearls...

    • And decide on the length...

    • Free Packaging -Your pearls will be packed in a fabulous jewellery box, delivered by special delivery which is free of charge.

    • Birthstones

      Our range of Birthstones.

    • Bracelets & Brooches

      Our range includes a wide selection of individual charm bracelets as well as exclusive designs to complement our necklaces.  Our renowned brooches may be small in number but are hugely popular designs you won’t find anywhere else.

    • Bridal

      Pearls, which symbolise Purity, are the perfect wedding accessory.  We’ve a wide range of necklaces, earrings and bracelets to suit all tastes and pockets.

    • Cat Collection

      Whether it’s you, a friend or a relative, there’s something here for the cat lover in your life.

    • Charms

      A modern classic, our range of charm bracelets will add a satisfying jangle to your wrist, whilst our charming necklaces are just that!

    • Christmas

      Who doesn’t love a Christmas novelty? Now you can add some style to the fun with our beautiful range of Christmas classics.



    • Claspless Necklaces

      A longer length necklace is perfect over a plain fronted top, whether that be a sweater or T Shirt.  These necklaces are all long enough to go straight over your head – not a fiddly clasp in sight!

    • Classic Pearls

       Our range of classic freshwater cultured pearls in timeless styles provide effortless elegance.


    • Clocks & Watches

      Our range of collectable ladies watches feature beautiful illustrations that you can enjoy on your wrist, and take pleasure from whenever you check the time.  Plus we have a small range of gents watches that make perfect gifts.

    • December

      The birthstone for December is Tanzanite which represents spiritual awareness and psychic insight. 

    • Earrings

      For the perfect earrings to suit any occasion look no further than the stunning collection at Anderson and Webb. Our eclectic range features both funky designs and traditional pieces with beautiful gemstones in high quality sterling silver settings. Whether you are looking for dazzling drop earrings or pretty studs we have the perfect selection for you to choose from.

    • February

      The birthstone for February is Amethyst which represents balance and calm.

    • Jade

      This most ancient of oriental semi precious gemstones is thought to bring the wearer good fortune and is August’s birthstone.

    • January

      The birthstone for January is Garnet which represents friendship and devotion.

    • July

      The birthstone for July is Ruby which represents passion and vitality.

    • June

      The birthstone for June is Pearl which represents purity.

    • Lapis Lazuli

      Known as ‘The Stone of Heaven’ this striking blue stone makes a real statement.  Lapis Lazuli is September’s birthstone.

    • March

      The birthstone for March is Aquamarine which represents faithfulness.

    • May

      The birthstone for May is either Emerald, which represents wisdom, growth, and patience, or  Moss Agate – a gemstone for enhancing truth.

    • Mother's Day

      Mother’s Day falls on 31st March this year, so try not to leave it to the last minute!  We have a wide range of jewellery to suit every taste, but here’s our particular selection.

    • Necklaces & Pendants

      Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for family and friends or a special treat for yourself you will find the perfect solution at Anderson and Webb. Our striking and unique necklaces are pieces you will not find on the high street and have been carefully chosen for their exceptional quality and stylish design.

    • New In

      The latest additions to our range are here, so you can have first pick.

    • November

      The birthstone for November is either Citrine, which represents success and personal power or Topaz – a gemstone for enhancing thoughtfulness and constancy.

    • October

      The birthstone for October is opal which represents enthusiasm, spontaneity and intelligence.

    • Pearl

      A timeless classic, or contemporary trend, pearls are always in fashion; only the styles, shapes, colours and lengths change.  Our selection includes pearls for every taste. Pearl is June’s birthstone.

    • Sale

      Grab yourself a bargain with a little something from our Sale.  These are discontinued stock lines, in perfect condition, but looking for a new home so we can make space for new designs.  Stock is limited so best hurry!

    • September

      The birthstone for September is either Sapphire, which represents purity and wisdom, or Lapis Lazuli – a gemstone enhancing insightfulness.

    • Sets

      It's always nice to have matching items to give your outfit that polished look, and jewellery is no exception.  There’s no need to worry about finding earrings to match your favourite pendant when you buy the full suite of pendant and earrings. 

    • Sienna Jones - Handbag Collection

      We’ve teamed up with luxury British handbag brand, Sienna Jones, to welcome in the Spring with a fabulous discount on these stunning handbags. Designed and created in Covent Designed, London

    • Tanzanite

      Found only in Tanzania, and christened ‘Tanzanite’ by Tiffany & Co, this beautiful gemstone is December’s birthstone. 

    • Themed Collections

      Our very latest jewellery, that's new to the range. You will find everything in this collection that has just arrived or been in store for a couple of weeks.

    • Vintage

      Add a touch of old fashioned style with pieces reminiscent of the 1930s to 1950s in our eclectic collection.