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Ruby – the Star of the Show

July’s birthstone is ruby – it’s also the stone for your 40th wedding anniversary. This much loved precious gemstone is one of the few truly red stones. It does vary through pink and purple tones, but the finest rubies are vivid red and come from Myanmar – and have done for centuries. Pinkier stones come from Sri Lanka. I been to neither country and they are both on my bucket list!

Rubies are the second hardest gemstone, after diamond, so ideal for rings, so although I’ve a ruby and diamond ring I bought years ago on my first trip to Hong Kong, I have to own up to not being a great fan. Not many of us can wear red well, and especially close up at the throat or earrings

. However, the Star Ruby is something else! This is an amazing stone which due to light refraction and tiny needle like inclusions within the stone, appears to have a mystical white star over the stone, which are always cabuchon. This phenomena can also be seen in some sapphires; good specimens are rare and extremely sought-after, so pricey. They are surrounded by myth and legend – all of a positive nature, so keep a look out in your local jewellers and see what you think.

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