March Blog

This month’s birthstone is aquamarine, a beautiful subtle pale blue gemstone, named after the colour of seawater – who can forget Aquamarina in Stingray!  Its my birthday in March so this is my stone too, although prices for the deeper blue stones, which I prefer, put them outside my price bracket, generally as the deeper colour comes in the larger stones.  But if you love sky blue topaz then you’ll love the paler shades of aquamarine too, especially if you get a well cut stone with plenty of sparkle as this is a much cleaner stone with plenty of clarity.  They are the perfect foil for brighter summer outfits, for a classy finishing touch.



There are myths and legends surrounding almost all the ancient gemstones and aquamarine is no different.  In Medieval Times, wise men prescribed water touched by aquamarine for a host of ills, including conditions affecting the eyes and lungs, as aquamarine was supposed to bestow the wearer with the gift of insight and foresight.


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