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Bespoke Pearl Service


Pearls look beautiful on everyone and they’re still as much in fashion today as they always have been. The styles, colours and shapes change over the years, but women of all ages still adore pearls for their timeless appeal.  However, if it can be difficult to find the perfect length to complement an outfit or neckline – ‘just a little longer’, ‘just a bit shorter’ and it would be perfect! And then it may not be the colour, shape or size of pearl you’d prefer...


Our Bespoke Pearl Service offers you the opportunity for a custom designed pearl necklace to your own design.  Our expert team will help you decide on shape, colour, length and clasp, and provide you with a quotation.  Once your happy, you can sit back whilst our experienced pearl stringer makes your very own pearl necklace.  


  • Firstly choose your colour and clasp type...

  • Choose the shape of the pearls...

  • And decide on the length...

  • Free Packaging -Your pearls will be packed in a fabulous jewellery box, delivered by special delivery which is free of charge.

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