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August Blog

Wow, what a Summer! It takes me back to 1976 when I spent the school holidays stretched out in the garden!  Those days have long gone and I find myself in an office, but since our offices are in the garden and we are surrounded by nature – trees, flowers, birds and bees – there are no complaints!  The ground is now so dry and even the trees have lost that vivid green; everywhere has taken on a softer hue outside our window.  I’m watching 3 horses swishing tails under a tree.  There are worse views!



Peridot Summer Look Book 2018


It’s fitting then that peridot should be August’s birthstone.  Its yellowy green tone puts me in mind of this softer landscape surrounding us.  And it’s such an easy colour to wear whether you’re blonde, brunette, auburn or fighting the grey!  As with most gems, its surrounded with myth and legend and has been worn to stave off the evil eye and nightmares!  I’d prefer to think of it as a soothing ‘gem of the sun’ as the Egyptians did, but I leave it to you to make up your own mind.

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