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September Blog


This month’s birthstone is sapphire, one of our original precious gemstones, traditionally thought of as blue, it’s also available in array of fancy colours such as pink, yellow and orange. Our beautiful bird brooches feature sapphires in the wings of our blue tit, swallow and hummingbird, but if birds aren’t your thing, then check out our blue topaz pear shaped pendant. The sizeable central gemstone is surrounded by blue sapphires – it’s a lovely colour combination for those who love blue or with blue eyes. Our pearl earrings have white sapphires, that could easily pass for diamonds… and don’t forget to check out our green sapphire suite for an unusual gemstone that’s great with an Autumn palette.

It’s warm and blustery as I write at the end of August, but no doubt change is on the way, so now’s the time to start looking at your Autumn wardrobe – be critical and radical! If you didn’t wear it last year, then you won’t wear it this year! Keep the pieces you love, the pieces you’ll wear and anything with a truly sentimental attachment. Otherwise, M&S are collecting for Oxfam, so help fill your local collection point. Then comes the fun part – make sure you have the accessories you need to complement your paired down wardrobe – handbags, belts and of course, jewellery. If you’re missing anything, we’re here to help. Pick up the phone and we’ll talk you through the options, whether it’s something to go with a special outfit, workwear, casual or a party dress, we may have the answer!

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