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September Blog


This month has 3 birthstones – sapphire, lapis lazuli and agate. Sapphire is one of our original precious gemstones, traditionally thought of as blue, but it’s also available in array of fancy colours such as pink, yellow and orange. Our beautiful bird brooches feature blue sapphires in the wings of our blue tit, kingfisher and hummingbird, but if birds aren’t your thing, then check out our black sapphire cat pendant or our green sapphire suite for an unusual gemstone that’s great with an Autumn palette.

September’s other birthstones are semi-precious agate and lapis lazuli. Our collection features polished red agate in an array of styles, or sparkling blue agate set with pearls in our Blue Agate and Coin Pearl Necklace. This ancient stone is said to ward off negative energies and pessimism, which might help us all right now in these troubled times. Lapis lazuli is known as the stone of heaven and was used for centuries as the main component for blue paint for so many of the old masters. Today you can enjoy the same blue hues in our collection of bracelets and necklaces.

September's Birthstone Agate

It’s wet, warm and blustery, as I write at the end of August, and it feels autumnal already. So, on one of these wet days, why not take a critical look at your wardrobe and prepare for the coming season? Have fun organising a few outfits. I’m going for relaxed and comfy this season and am chucking out all my heels! Be radical!

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