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January is always a time of hope as we look forward to a fresh start, but particularly this year when we eagerly await our vaccinations.  A little retail therapy always helps cheer us up, and with garnet – a stone of strength and empowerment - as January’s birthstone, there’s an obvious purchase on the horizon!




Garnet comes in a variety of hues from browns and oranges to vibrant greens and pinks.  As far back as 3000BC, Egyptians along the Nile worked garnet into beads and inlays.  Even Noah is said to have used garnet as a lamp on the bow of the ark!


Fortunately, these days garnets are widely available at very reasonable prices in an array of pretty styles, so why not check out our garnet and diamond suite or our pretty pendant set with marquise shaped garnets, with garnet studs to match?

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