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Christmas is almost upon us once again.  It’s time for festive fun, parties and gathering of friends and family.  As we’re constantly told, it’s all in the planning, and that goes for your Christmas wardrobe as well as the food, presents, cards etc etc.

There’s so much to think about at this time of year and sadly much of it falls on us ladies!  So it’s worth spending half an hour now, selecting your Christmas outfits; I usually have 3 on standby – smart party dress, smart casual for drinks and a dinner out number.  The rest of the time I’ll be in scruffs, cooking and homemaking! 

I go with an option of shoes or boots depending on what’s happening outside, and then I can get playful with the jewellery!  Mix and match to change your look, so the three outfits can easily become six.  A long pendant or a row or pearls.  Long earrings and a brooch.  Bracelets, and dazzling gem – don’t hold back, it’s time to give the Christmas tree a run for its money!

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